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Make sure your team is not overlooking five easy things they can to do boost email marketing ROI.

The Econsultancy email marketing industry census 2013 found that marketing isn’t all about strategic improvements with a payback over many months. Here are five ways to boost your email ROI now:

1. Personalization

Generic emails create a lukewarm response. Use the information your subscribers have supplied to personalize their emails.

Ensure that you use the subscriber’s name, and only include offers that will be of interest (see Segmentation for more).

“Personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%.”

Aberdeen Research

2. Subject line A/B testing

Different words have different results. If you are having problems convincing readers to open your email, try testing different subject lines and comparing results. Record the results of each variation and apply the most successful to future campaigns.

Improved email opening rates is the first step to improved email ROI.

“Do many A/B tests. Let’s face it: chances are, your first A/B test will turn out a lemon. But don’t despair. An A/B test can have only three outcomes: no result, a negative result or a positive result. The key to optimizing conversion rates is to do a ton of A/B tests, so that all positive results add up to a huge boost to your sales and achieved goals.”


3. Segmentation

As already mentioned, generalized messages and offers are of limited interest to your readers. Try segmenting your subscribers based on:

Or any other common factor. Then create emails tailored to these interests. The email marketing ROI improvements will be impressive.

“Response and clickthrough rates in nonprofit email campaigns declined by 16% and 18.7%, respectively, from 2012; declining response rates illustrate a saturated channel with non-differentiated messaging and campaigns.”2013 Blackbaud Online Marketing Benchmark Study for Nonprofits

4. Database list cleansing

Sending email to defunct addresses will lead to a distressingly high failure rate. These failures:

Cleaning up your mailing list will help ensure your messages are getting delivered to your customers and give a true understanding of your email ROI.

“Database accuracy improves email marketing effectiveness by 38%.”

Circle Research

5. Mobile device optimization

More email is now read on smartphones and tablets than on desktop computers. If your email does not take account of this through improved design and layout, your marketing budget is not being spent effectively.

“68% of UK smartphone owners used their device to check email in the past 30 days.”Nielsen Mobile Consumer survey

Improve your email marketing ROI now

Here are the five tips again:

1. Get personal.

2. Implement A/B subject line testing.

3. Send emails based on segmentation.

4. Get your email data in order.

5. Optimize your emails for mobile.

The Econsultancy email marketing industry census 2014 report has just been published and continues to show improvements for businesses which have already adopted these five quick win tips. Together with the Adestra team, Econsultancy Research Director Linus Gregoriadis is hosting a free webinar to discuss the findings of this latest research and the effect it will have on your business – register now!

Need further tips on improving email marketing ROI? Find them in this free eGuide: Email marketing ROI plateaus – should you invest in mobile and social media marketing?