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Find out how to nudge your registrants to attend, deliver a personalized experience, and get the timing right with email automation for events.

Organizing an event is challenging and part of that is getting more people to register. And, particularly if it’s a free event, you also need to convince registrants to attend. While there are a lot of factors that can have an influence on these two challenges, there’s one marketing tactic that can be your secret weapon: email automation.

Give registrants extra reasons to attend

You put your heart and soul into making sure the event you organize is a success. It’s relevant to the audience, in a good location and with great speakers to enlighten the crowds. But sometimes it’s not just about the event. People are sensitive to prices, to taking time off work to attend, and taking advantage of the opportunity to do something else. Persuade them by being helpful and giving them more reasons to attend, which are not necessarily related to the event.

May Design Series Email Automation for Events

May Design series successfully nudged registrants into attending

UBM implemented this strategy for the event May Design Series in London. They sent an automated email to new registrants within 24 hours of registering, This achieved a fantastic  42% open rate! The email included train and flight prices from the most popular locations in the UK and abroad, accommodation and restaurant suggestions, and much more. The result? About 48% of the people who opened the email also attended.

Deliver a custom experience

In this day and age, people expect to receive information that is personalized and relevant to them in exchange for the details they give you. Email automation can help with delivering that. One way is to ask the person registering to inform you of their biggest challenge. Based on that, you can suggest a customized list of seminars and companies he/she should visit to address this challenge.

This can happen automatically by including a drop-down menu in the registration form, and then building a series of automated emails containing lists of seminars and companies that match the challenges in the menu. Add name and company name in the email for that extra touch of personalisation.

Internet Retailing Email Automation for Events

Internet Retailing used email automation to personalize the experience of attendees

Make an impact by sending at the right time

The two examples above wouldn’t have worked so well if the timing wasn’t right. UBM sent the automated email to each contact within 24 hours of registration. And Internet Retailing sent it just a few days before the event, so the information wouldn’t be buried in the inbox by the time the registrant attended. Find the exact time period that will increase the impact of your message.

Key points for using automation for events:

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