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In previous posts, we have explained what email marketers should do when planning their email marketing strategy.

Having followed this advice your lists are now ready, you have identified your winners, thought about your different segments, created a consistent strategy across channels, and tested your ideas. So, now you might be wondering: is there anything left to do? Here are the next four simple tips to help you create amazing holiday campaigns.

1. Use transactional emails

Achieving consistently high open rates in marketing emails can be tough. However, by sending transactional emails you may see higher open and click rates than with other types of email as they contain valuable information for your subscribers.

Are you still not convinced? Well, what if I tell you that these types of emails generate over 75% of email revenue according to the National Client Email Report wrote by the DMA? Take advantage of them to boost your ROI this holiday season.

2. Implement interactive elements

If you joined our webinar Shake to Reveal: Interactive Marketing for Holiday Campaigns, then you will know that interactive content generates 70% conversions versus 36% conversions generated by static content. Consider adopting interactive and fun elements to provide your subscribers with unique experiences that drive them to convert.

3. Create a First-Person Marketing strategy

Don’t forget your audience when thinking about your creative. What do they like? Where are they based? You can customize your offering and content for each subscriber to create a more personalized and engaging experience. You can send them as many emails as you want, but they are not going to make a purchase if your offering doesn’t match their needs or interests. Think about your subscribers when creating your emails and strategy: are all of them based in the same country? If you don’t consider this, you may end up missing country-specific holidays.

4. Don’t forget your subject lines

I currently have 420 marketing emails sitting in my inbox. Okay, you are right. I work in email marketing and I’m subscribed to almost every emailing list. But it’s also true that your audience has probably subscribed to a few lists as well. Take your subscribers’ cluttered inbox into consideration and write enticing subject lines that will make you stand out.

Sending the same emails to all your subscribers is not a good idea. Once your email lands in your subscriber’s inbox, you are competing with their friends and families as well as other marketing emails. What are you going to do to stand out and generate ROI? Customers’ expectations have changed, but you can meet them by sending individualized email communications and investing in your customer experience.