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With so many people now reading emails on their smartphones, I’m sure you have heard how important it is to ensure that this experience is as optimal as possible for the recipient. If a recipient has to work too hard to find the content of interest within your email, it’s likely they will just give up before finding it.

One of our clients Phil Singer from Oxford University Press, has definitely been listening, because he created the below email so that it renders correctly across desktop, webmail and mobile email clients, giving the recipient a positive experience regardless of the device they are reading the email on.


OUP email

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OUP emailOUP email













Phil achieved this through the use of media queries; media queries allow for a flexible design, which will adapt depending on the size screen a recipient is viewing the email on.

A recent survey by econsultancy, revealed why emails on mobiles were difficult to read;

OUP manage to solve all three of these issues with their mobile optimised template;

A full case study on the email can be found here.

If you’re not familiar with media queries, coding or simply don’t have the time our production team can do this for you. For more information contact your account manager.

Jenna Lovell
Senior Account Manager