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Not only has email marketing not died yet, it’s having a resurgence. As companies across industries use it as the central hub for achieving digital marketing success, we had a closer look at the strategies, technological aspects and results of some of the key sectors.

Based on a survey of over 1,000 marketers coming from in-house and agency backgrounds, the brand new 2015 Email Census – Key Sector report analyzes email marketing success across six different sectors:

To give you a quick look, I’ve summarized some of the points:

Publishing & Media knocks Retail off the top spot for ROI 

This sector essentially shows that the more you use email marketing, the more likely you are to get a high return on your investment. Coming first in five different areas of the report including in terms of using their email service provider(ESP)’s functionality, and the range of email practices used, Publishing & Media are the star sector.

email ROI 2015

Charities, NFP and Government organizations still top for connecting email and social

Combining the power of the two channels is the driving force behind their success in both 2014 and 2015. With an improved use of their ESP’s capabilities and higher adoption of mobile friendly emails, this sector sees an impressive 20% increase in ROI from last year. An area where they could improve in using a wider range of email practices, and spending more time on data as opposed to design and creation of email campaigns.

email practices by sector 2015

Travel & Leisure: first for advanced segmentation, transactional emails and lifecycle programs

Although we might associate these three email practices with Retail, it seems travel is ahead in the competition to win the consumers’ hearts and inboxes by using relevant messaging. This is not surprising as they score very highly in their success with marketing automation. Recent technology developments such as dynamic email content also help them convert acquired and observed data into relevancy.

automation success by sector 2015

The full report compares the six sectors across a variety of factors including time management, mobile adoption, automation success, email performance and more. To get the full insight, download a free copy and see how you compare to your industry benchmarks.