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55% of 18-35 year olds read marketing emails on their smartphones, so an email template that’s mobile friendly is absolutely essential! Mobiles have made checking emails simple, you can check your emails anytime, anywhere from being on the train, to sitting at home watching TV.

Research from “˜The Mobile Movement’ state that 82% of smartphone users’ check and send email with their device so why not utilise this by making sure your emails are mobile friendly?

If you are sending B2C emails then you may think it’s more important to make your email mobile friendly than if you are only sending to a B2B audience. Recipients of a B2C emails are likely to view their emails on a smartphone in their own time, sitting in front of the TV. However recent research from “˜Firstsource Solutions’ shows that more than 35% of UK smartphone users check their work emails in their free time, with 10% checking whilst on holiday. Call these people crazy if you like, but there’s no getting away from the fact that it’s just as important to have a Mobile friendly B2B emails as it is B2C.

Rendering problems
Are your emails rendering correctly on mobile? Here are just some of the common rendering problems you may be experiencing but they are easy to get round and here’s how:

Email Client Detection
Are you emails being opened on iPhone, Android, Hotmail, Outlook?
Knowing how your campaigns are being opened is a key factor in helping you create campaigns that are specific to your recipients email clients.

So how are your recipients viewing your emails?
MessageFocus offers an Email Client Detection report so you can find out how your recipients are viewing your email campaigns. It will give you a breakdown of all the different email clients your email has been viewed in. You can utilise this by making your campaigns specific to a specific client that your email is most often viewed in.

Look out for part two of mobile friendly emails soon”¦