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As we close the book on 2016, it’s time to see what made the headlines and what email marketers were most interested in from the amazing range of content we shared this year.

Email design was unsurprisingly among the most popular topics on our blog, followed by a broad discussion around change – in the form of new strategies to help marketers stand out, changes to email clients, or trends and innovation.

You might have missed these, but there’s no reason to miss out! Get up to speed with the most popular topics in email below:

1. The top 5 digital marketing trends to prioritize for 2016

Slick new products and jargon mean nothing if you’re not perfecting the essential techniques and tools that lie behind them. Discover why personalization, automation, device optimization, context-aware content and social media were the ones driving the discussion in 2016.

2. I loved my time at Google, but here is why I joined Adestra

Matt McGowan, former Head of Strategy at Google, joined us as President of Adestra Inc. this year. He made his debut on the blog by explaining why he sees email marketing as an exciting industry to be a part of here and now.

3. New iOS 10 adds unsubscribe option to the top of emails

With the announcement of the iPhone 7 came a new operating system for Apple’s mobile devices. Among many changes, one of them was introducing an unsubscribe link at the top, similar to what Gmail did a few years back. We looked into it and explained why email marketers shouldn’t worry too much about it.

4. What will change in email marketing in 2016?

At the beginning of the year, we expected mobile design to stop being optional and start becoming the norm. We’ve definitely seen an increase in adoption, especially aided by modular templates, but it sadly hasn’t become a standard in our industry yet. Read on to see what other aspects we hoped would change this year around automation, data, content, and wearables.

5. Why preference centers don’t work – and how they could

Ryan Phelan argues why we shouldn’t create preference centers just to tick a box. He makes the point that a preference center is only as important to your customers as you make it. Filling out preferences isn’t the last step. It’s only the beginning.

6. Making your emails stand out with dynamic content

Easier design tools, an abundance of providers and an increasing need to stand out in the inbox have driven an increased interest in dynamic content. We shared a summary of the main types along with examples and scenarios of when you should use this tactic.

7. Good news for publishers: Facebook adds email sign-ups to Instant Articles

If you have a large readership on Facebook but you’re worried about missing out on a direct relationship with those readers, you’ll be happy with the introduction of this feature from the tech giant.

8. Email marketers spend too much time on aesthetics and too little on strategy and reporting

The 2016 Email Industry Census showed a worrying difference between the amount of time email marketers spend on design and creatives, compared to that spent on strategy and planning. What should we do and what are the main areas of focus at the moment?

9. Thrilling Halloween email campaigns that get the conversion juices flowing

Part of our email inspiration series, this blog post shares some of the best Halloween-themed emails we received and tips you should steal to apply in your own campaigns. One to help you plan for next year!

What topics would you like to see discussed in 2017? Share your thoughts and we’ll do our best to address them in upcoming blog posts.