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The release of MessageFocus 2.8 introduces an upgraded heatmap with customizable opacity, better link information and a printing facility.

The improved Heatmap report continues to offer a visual summary of the areas in your email that attract the most clicks. We’ve improved the look and given you some useful extra features.

Customizable opacity

You can now set the opacity of the ‘heat’. The ‘hot’ areas of the email are represented on a scale ranging from dark purple to orange and yellow. Yellow shows the areas that recipients have clicked on the most – the ‘hotspot’, as you can see in the image below.

If you lower the opacity, you’ll see that the email will be clearer and the hotspots will dim.

 Animated Heatmap Preview

Link information

Matching numbers with clicked areas in your email has just become easier. Hovering your mouse over a hotspot will reveal:

Heatmap Floating details

You can also click the ‘Links’ tab and get the same stats ranked from most popular to least popular. This tab will include all the links designed into the email campaign, whether they’ve been clicked or not.

Heatmap Links tab

Sharing results

Now you can print a full report of the updated Heatmap and the rank of all the links, so you can easily share the results with other stakeholders.

Heatmap Print Button

The updated Heatmap is live now and available to all Adestra clients. If you have any questions about the changes to MessageFocus, please contact your Account Manager or email us on

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