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Use the new Purchase History filters to increase your chances of success. Target upsell and cross-sell campaigns based on what your customers actually buy.

Purchase History filters allow you to segment your contacts based on their transactions. This makes it easy to target customers based on their buying behavior.

Purchase History filter

You can select customers based on whether they have bought a specific product or product type.

product condition  product type condition

Additionally, for both specific products and product types you can filter using:

  1. Transactional values (average or total values, or number of orders)
  2. Product values (average or total values, or number of products)
  3. Purchase dates (between a fixed, or rolling, start and end date)

  Transaction value Product value Purchase dates

An example

You want to create a campaign to promote belts designed for wearing with jeans. You decide to target all customers who spent over £100 on jeans in the last month.

Create a product type filter for customers that:

  1. purchased a product tagged as ‘jeans’
  2. spent a total of over £100 in their transaction
  3. purchased between today and 1 month ago

Purchase History filters are live now in MessageFocus 2.8. If you want to know more about using Purchase History filters please contact your Account Manager or email us on

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