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Most digital marketers already know the importance of understanding typical customer lifecycle stages, but have you mapped key email campaigns against them?

Using a mix of automation, segmentation and personalization across welcome programs, nurturing and loyalty campaigns can significantly boost the performance. But what does it actually look like?

Not all new subscribers are the same

Because you know the value of an email address, you’ve probably made sure consumers can subscribe to your news in multiple ways. For example, they can enter their address on a sign-up form on the homepage or agree to receive your emails during the checkout process. To make the message truly relevant, First-Person Marketers take the source of the data into consideration when crafting their welcome emails.

For instance, Frugi tailored its welcome program to personalize the emails depending on whether the contact was a new subscriber or a new customer with a few simple tweaks. They are extremely passionate about their products and brand and wanted to inspire the same emotions in their subscriber database. Personalization would play a major part in achieving that. With tailored messaging, precise timing and a good use of incentives, their welcome and nurture program had fantastic engagement and conversion rates alike. Some of the results include a £71 average order value from the first campaign and a 21% click-to-sale rate for repeat purchasers.

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