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The digital revolution has given marketers great powers but sometimes it’s worth considering if we’re letting marketing technology over-power us. With decreasing costs, things like marketing automation are no longer exclusive tools reserved for big companies. We are attracted by the promise of automation’s positive impact on the bottom line, but the time has come to ask ourselves: who is really in control?

Businesses who are already using marketing technology need to evaluate the impact it has had on their organization. Have you re-structured your strategy around it or has it fit like the missing piece of the conversion puzzle? The answer can be more difficult to find than it seems at first. Steve Denner, Adestra’s co-founder, discussed some strategic perspectives that might help you in his latest Clickz post. As with anything, finding the solution relies on asking the right questions, so try asking these:

  1. Does involving technology in your marketing bring you closer to your target audience?
  2. How do you make sure you use the technology to outsmart your competition, not just level the playing field?
  3. Do you know what metrics you left behind and the ones you’re aiming for so you can evaluate your investment along the way?

For more tips and answers, read Steve’s full article on ClickZ.