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Uncover whether the latest buzzwords and marketing trends are here to stay — or destined to disappear without a trace.


New buzzwords are being created by marketers all the time to reflect emerging marketing trends. But which buzzwords are worth investing in? And which should be allowed to fade into obscurity? Here’s our Magic 8-Ball to sort the genius from the guff.


What is it? Two businesses come together to offer a product or service to customers — a basic concept that has been in practise for several hundred years — but has been made all shiny and new again because it’s now in the context of ‘e-commerce.’

Will it catch on? It will — but do we really need quite such a mouthful to describe something that is already so well established?

Custom Audiences

What is it? It might sound like a fairly generic term to an outsider but within this context, it’s all about Facebook. By uploading the ‘hashes’ of your customers’ email addresses to Facebook, the social media platform knows when your consumers are using its service and can push your ads to them on the fly.

Will it catch on? Yes, but we do wish Zuckerberg would come up with a more fitting buzzword that truly encapsulates this powerful targeting tool.

Content Shock

What is it? When there is so much content being produced for businesses, that supply will one day outstrip demand. It’s something that marketers should be concerned about — but not for the reasons they might think. So let’s rephrase it — the internet will become so clogged up with average marketing content, nobody will want to read it.

Will it catch on? Yes, so keep your content brilliant and you’ll be fine. If not, expect your content’s ROI to RIP.

Brand Storytelling

What is it? Forget typical marketing messaging — instead, use storytelling to make an emotional impact on consumers, pulling them into your brand via stories that capture their imagination. To create long term relationships with customers, many marketers believe that storytelling is now essential.

Will it catch on? Yes — but only if marketers invest in great storytellers. If not, any effort will risk coming across as shallow and cynical.

H2H (Human-to-Human)

What is it? Whether they’re B2B or B2C, stop treating customers as if they understand (or care about) marketing-speak — deploying words such as ‘synergy’ and ‘paradigm’ can cloud someone’s understanding of a product, instead of helping them. In other words, talk to all customers as if they are people, not fellow marketers.

Will it catch on? It is essential that H2H garners traction to help engage with customers more effectively.


What is it? The theory is simple: instead of selling a product to a customer through traditional marketing and advertising, you’re helping the customer by making your content useful to them. This approach is more conducive to creating an ongoing relationship, not the quick-win of a single sale.

Will it catch on? It already has — the rapid global adoption of inbound marketing by marketers pays testimony to the fact.

Dynamic Content

What is it? Based on the customer’s data, the content displayed changes to suit the particular customer’s interests and their demographic. Think one football team fan being targeted with different content to that of a rival football team fan.

Will it catch on? The outlook is positive as it’s a great targeting tool — as long as you set up the content’s tags correctly. Otherwise, expect to find your campaign in a list of ‘10 Biggest Email Marketing Mistakes’ at some point.

Real-Time Content Marketing

What is it? Forget static content that just sits there on your channels — real-time content marketing is always ‘on’ across all of them, constantly being updated with such fresh, timely content that consumers won’t be able to resist checking in with you. Think of it as a marketing newsroom that spots emerging trends and then exploits them. The most successful example of real-time content marketing is ‘newsjacking’, where an event or emerging trend is picked up by a brand and used to promote its own products or services.

Will it catch on? Yes, but make sure that your content is actually interesting, and not spam.

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