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With Valentine’s Day promotions starting earlier every year, you need to start communicating to your subscribers at the right time, in the right way, to strike a chord with them. To help you with ideas of what to send, we have some great examples to inspire you from top brands.

Fifty shades of red and pink

If there’s one thing that defines Valentine’s Day emails, it’s the use of red and pink. Clinique has even created a limited edition pink tote bag offered for free with a $55 purchase. With a short email, and clear messaging, they’re clearly pushing subscribers to purchase.

Clinique Valentines Day email

Subject line: Think pink for Valentine’s. FREE tote.

From one heart to another

You can’t have emails about the celebration of love without adding a sprinkling of love hearts. Tommy Bahama have used it as a single central image made from exotic plants consistent with their brand image.

Tommy Bahama Valentines Day email

Subject line: Say “Isle always love you” with our Valentine’s Day gifts

Williams and Sonoma have included a selection of their products with love hearts on them, as suggested gifts for budding chefs.

William Sonoma Valentines Day email

Subject line: XOXO Valentine’s Day Favorites are Here

However, you can also swim against the current and allude to love only through copy, like Martha Stewart did in this example. But by doing this you’re relying on your subscribers to be seduced by the ‘romantic treats’, ‘loving libations’ and ‘seductive sweets’.

Martha Stewart Valentines Day

Subject line: Gluten-Free Has Never Tasted So Good + Seductive Valentine’s Sweets

Sweets for my sweet, or flowers for my honey?

Some people like to be traditional in their choice of presents, so chocolate, flowers and jewellery are the go-to bestsellers.

Hotel Chocolat Valentines Day email

Subject line: Straight from the heart…

Pandora Valentines Day email

Subject line: Hoping for something special this Valentine’s Day? Send him a hint.

But make sure you include some other suggestions in your Valentine’s Day emails, for people who go out of their way to escape the norm. Fortnum & Mason approached this very well by giving suggestions for him and her, depending on the couple’s personality. You can even take this further by using gender segmentation to send two different versions.

Fortnum & Mason Valentine's Day email

Subject Line: What they really want this Valentine’s Day

You can’t put a price on love

Although gift-giving is an important part of Valentine’s Day, remember that people are at the centre of it. So help your subscribers craft a plan for the day, with DIY ideas, and music playlists with romantic classics. A surprising example of this comes from Shutterstock.


Subject line: Curated with love

Share your favourites

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