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I hope everyone’s rested and ready to go at a time that usually marks the start of a busy period for email marketers. For my September instalment of Top Tips I’m going back to basics. This month I’ll be concentrating on how to get HTML templates into your account, what to do when your creative is in .zip format and finally how to load unzipped files into your campaign’s HTML version.

1. Upload a complete HTML template to your account

The easiest way to upload an HTML template into your account is to “˜drag and drop’; however, this will only work with later versions of certain browsers – so this could be temperamental for some of you.

To do this:

File manager

If you are unable to “˜drag and drop’, then there is another way of uploading to the file manager:

To ensure that the template has been created properly, click on the “˜Preview’ button to check that the template displays in your browser correctly

2. Uploading a Template in a Zip file

This method of uploading an HTML template causes the most issues for users and therefore is responsible for a large majority of cases the Support team answer. So if you follow the steps below, hopefully you will be able to upload your template without any trouble:

File manager

To view the HTML template, click in the folder which has the same name as the zip file; click on the radio button next to the name of the HTML template and click the “˜Preview’ button

Your preview should display as expected however if it doesn’t, then I would suggest that the zip file may have been created incorrectly (the usual issue is that the image referencing in the HTML template is incorrect). If you do have an issue with your zip file, please refer to the MessageFocus manuals regarding this functionality:

3. Adding a Template to a campaign

The main way of adding your template to your campaign is by creating an HTML part for your email.

To do this:

Load file

Your template should then appear in the preview window. If it does then it’s ready for editing which can be done using the new HTML editor in MessageFocus .

I trust that you find these tips useful, if you have a suggestion for a tip for a future blog I’d love to help – please email me at

Look out for another 3 Top Tips next month and, as always, good luck with your email marketing endeavours.