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Wimbledon’s finished, the hosepipe bans have been lifted, the rain hasn’t stopped (yet!) and it will soon be the Olympics.  To ensure your email creative is in Olympic shape, I’d like to give you three tips on how to save time when creating and sending your email campaigns.

1. Automate your testing

With Adestra’s MessageFocus Split Testing feature, you have the option to test different campaign variations and choose the top performing variant to send to your data automatically. Creating a split test is simple. Firstly, create a campaign in the usual way and then click the “˜Split Test Campaign’ link in the right hand navigation bar of your MessageFocus screen.

split test

MessageFocus Split testing feature

This adds a new “˜variant’ for the campaign:

You can add up to eleven variants, however, remember that you will need a large amount of data for all the variants to have as good a chance.

To amend the content or subject line for your variants, click on the letter for the variant you wish to amend. In this case, I will just be changing the subject line in the variant options to see which option the recipients prefer:

split test

Subject line split test

On the launch screen, you can set the criteria for the launch time, the amount of data to send the variants to, the criteria for the winning variant to be chosen and whether the launch of the winning variant should be automatic or not.

split test

Setup split test

In this example, I have selected to launch the campaign in the future, the variants of the campaign will be sent to 10% of the data – i.e. 5% each.  The criteria I have selected for the winning variant to be chosen is “˜Clicks’ and I want the campaign to launch automatically: 1 day after the two variants have been sent.

Split testing reporting

It is possible to send the winning variant manually.  If you don’t tick the “˜Launch automatically’ check box, you can, whenever you’re ready, check the reports for the variant that has performed the best and click the button which says “˜Launch this variant’.

Don’t forget the user manuals in MessageFocus, specifically for this feature, which can be found here.

2. Automate your email content

Too busy watching the 100m sprint? No problem. You can rely on the functionality of MessageFocus’s  Automation feature to feed relevant content from your website into an email template and launch automatically. A good example of this is the Adestra newsletter that you receive from us monthly – all the content is fed in automatically from our website so the content you receive is timely and up-to-date. To find out more about our Automation features download our brochure now.

3. Personalise your email using the HTML editor

Make sure your readers engage with your marketing messages by showing them that you take your relationship with them seriously. Personalising your content has never been easier in MessageFocus thanks to the new HTML editor and the automated data selections available.

Using the data you have available in your MessageFocus core or data tables, you can personalise your emails to make your messages more relevant to the reader. Simply press the “˜personalisation’ button and select any of the available data fields in your core table such as title, first name or company name.

For the more adventurous email marketer, you may also want to include personal information based on a customer purchase to demonstrate your knowledge of a customer’s history with your brand and then cross sell other products.

I trust that you find these tips useful, if you have a suggestion for a tip for a future blog I’d love to help – please email it to me on

Look out for another 3 Top Tips next month and, as always, good luck with your email marketing endeavours.