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Happy New Year to you all I hope that you had a good break over the festive season.
Mobile was undoubtedly a huge topic in 2012. Digital marketers strived for their slice of the mobile pie either by developing compatible email templates, mobile websites and even shopping environments. And the trend is here to stay for 2013 it seems. In the first of this year’s top tips series, I’ll be showing you how you can check which email client and device opened your email whether desktop or mobile.

Let’s get started
When you click on the “˜Report’ link within a MessageFocus campaign, you will see a tab labeled: “˜Email Clients’. By clicking on this, you will be able to see who has opened your email and on which device:

Email clients
From the example above, you can see a general overview of who has read the email in which desktop email client or mobile device.

There are sub-tabs from here which enable you to see who has opened the email on specific desktop, webmail and mobile email clients. For now we’re interested in mobile email clients and below is an example of what you can see when you enter this area of the report:

Mobile clients

Here we can tell that there were 95 recipients who opened this email on an iPad, however, some of those recipients opened it more than once. That’s what the number 103 to the left of the 95 figure represents: the amount of opens.

The other issue that many marketers are now aware of is how their email creative looks on mobile devices, as well as the usual desktop and webmail email clients.

To read more regarding mobile content previews in MessageFocus, click here.

I trust that you find these tips useful, however, if you have a suggestion for a tip for a future blog, please feel free to email it to
Look out for another 3 Top Tips next month and, as always, good luck with your email marketing endeavours.

Jim Ellis | Client Services Manager | Adestra Ltd