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Here at Adestra towers most of us seem to be suspiciously well organised with our Christmas shopping, and did well out of Secret Santa last week (with a few notable exceptions!). However, I suspect we might be in the minority. At this time of year everyone is looking for the “˜perfect gift’, so if you have it, let them know! A great way of getting the word out is to use social media in your emails so that your social media campaigns and email marketing is integrated.

Here are a few ideas for getting started on integrating the two:

Include social share links – in MessageFocus these can be added easily using the “˜share link’ button at the top of the new html editor. You can then set this so a recipient of your email has the option to share the whole email, a certain feature in your email, or an alternative URL. Since Pinterest also developed to allow company pages, this can be a great way of generating interest using images of your products.

Of course as well as making the email easy to share, having great content that is worth sharing is also key. Celtic Manor Resort added incentives to encourage people to share their emails (see the case study here) – although in this case the idea was to get more people to sign-up to their emails, the same ideas can be used to encourage social media shares or tweets with certain hash tags.

Other more advanced options include adding an RSS feed to your template that pulls in the latest tweets from your twitter account, keeping your emails looking fresh and up to date. This is a great way of advertising any products or services you offer if they are already being talked about online. If you would like more information on this, contact your account manager.

Using social media in your emails goes beyond 25th December, too – getting the news out about winter/January sales by using email and social media can be just as effective.

Have a wonderful festive season and see you again in the New Year!