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The world of dating is awash with guidelines to follow in order to try and attract the person who has caught your eye.

How does this apply to email marketing, I hear you ask? Well, the goal in both cases is to attract the attention of the individual in order to make a great first impression that will hopefully become a long-standing, reciprocal relationship.

With that in mind, here are some tips for creating the ultimate Valentine’s Day email for your customers, which will not only get your brand noticed on the day but also continue to feed into your everyday strategy:


It’s gonna take T R U S T to keep our L O V E

Yes, I did just quote Aaliyah lyrics, but the message still stands. It’s all very well crafting the perfect promotional email, but it needs to hit the inbox in the first place. Building trust with your subscribers is very important way to increase your deliverability rate.

Unsure where to start? Check out what our very own Head of Deliverability Dale Langley has to say about how you can recover and manage your sender reputation.


First impressions count

Much like online dating apps, people’s inboxes are crowded with seemingly countless options at their fingertips, all trying to get their attention. So how do you stop your subscribers from doing the email equivalent of swiping left?

Test your subject lines to understand what type of wording achieves the best open rate – without that open, the content of the email is sadly irrelevant. When testing subject lines, keep in mind your brand tone of voice: are puns and emojis something your audiences will respond well to? Our friends over at Phrasee have dreamt up some of the punniest subject lines for Valentine’s Day 2019.


Be smooth

No-one likes it when the other person comes on too strong. It takes time to nurture and build the relationship with your subscribers. For example, if you were a jeweler, you could start your promotion with some blogs around great proposal ideas and celebrity weddings. Then closer to the day, create an automation around your top 10 engagement rings and recommendations, as the romantic day will lead to proposals for many.


Think outside the box

It’s easy to dismiss Valentine’s Day if your brand isn’t an ‘obvious’ fit. But you don’t need to be a florist, retailer, or chocolatier to take advantage of the season. Recognize the season by making reference to it throughout your email, or even go the opposite way by creating some light-hearted anti-Valentine’s Day humor for the skeptics.

Don’t believe me? Check out this great campaign from our client, Fuelcard Services.


Set the scene

Great days involve great experiences. With the use of strong visuals alongside your deals, you can really encourage your customers to imagine celebrating the big day in style using your products. Whether it be a weekend getaway, adrenaline-filled experience, dinner with a lovely bottle of wine or even a couple’s massage – cultivate a sense of FOMO by showing your customers what they could be missing out on.


Make it personal

Imagine yourself on Valentine’s Day, eagerly awaiting a home-cooked meal from your lovely partner who agreed to surprise you. To help their recipe decision, you discussed some of your likes, dislikes and allergy information. You walk into a beautiful room with a homemade candlelit dinner waiting for you, only to find that your partner made chicken satay…and you’re highly allergic to nuts.

When it comes to building up the trust in relationships with your customers, it’s important to show that you have taken time and interest in understanding your customers, so that they feel like individuals rather than one of many. Using the data that they have provided, their regular purchases, and persona profile shows that each customer is important to you. (And disregarding that data they’ve taken the time to share with you is a big no-no.)

Take time to review and understand the data you know about people and use this to segment your customers into groups and then personalize based on their interests.


Time to dress up

You want to look your best, right?

When creating your emails, think about how their design can impact customer experience. Device optimization is a must, but do also consider adding kinetic elements, GIFs, videos, and countdown timers to create urgency. Color palette also plays a key role, but make sure you don’t go wildly off-brand in the process.


Give a gift

Share the love with a little gift. Valentine’s Day can get pricey, so why not add an offer to your campaign? Optimal time, date, and cadence will vary: for some, sending out a discount code a week or so before can help to draw in sales from well-prepared buyers.

Now for the emergency buyers. The ones who’ve left their gifting to the last minute. Try adding free next day delivery can help to increase those last-minute sales.

Nor should you miss out on the post Valentine’s Day period, for individuals who prefer to celebrate late due to the expense (or lack or availability on the day itself).

No matter what industry you are in, with the right messaging, at the right time, to the right people, it is always possible to take advantage of Valentine’s Day and use the power of courting in your general marketing strategy to promote your brand.