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In my first few weeks as the new Account Manager at Adestra, I’ve learnt a lot about the MessageFocus platform and also how clients are unaware of some of the coolest features it has to offer. I came to Adestra after over 7 years in an extremely busy marketing and design role (client-side) and I know all too well the challenges faced by fellow email marketers, designers and managers – the main one being time.

As an email marketer your time is precious. You probably spend more time being asked to complete tasks that actually stop you from focusing on improving your email marketing campaigns.

Reporting on your campaigns and time spent analysing them on a monthly or weekly basis will help you to understand how you can improve your results for the next one. But how many times have you been interrupted by management for an update on a current campaign in between preparing your full report for them? Or perhaps regularly asked for the results of the previous campaign while you are trying to focus on getting your next one launched?

This is a common problem that I’m sure you can relate to! I’m pleased to say that you don’t need super powers to tackle the problem and you can impress your management at the same time. And all this can be done right now in MessageFocus.

Ready to impress your manager?

If you go to the Report tab within the campaign in MessageFocus, you will see an option for Saved Reports on the light grey tabs – and it’s this option that is going to save you time! Saved reports make reports available externally, which can be useful if you need to give information to people who don’t have access to MessageFocus.


In the box presented to you, give the new Saved Report a name and click Create Report. This will create a unique hyperlink that is specific to that particular campaign.

Report 2

It is this hyperlink that can be sent to any user without MessageFocus access to provide an overall view of the most important statistics of the campaign. Better still, the report will remain active for one month before it expires. No more will you be asked to open up the report with colleagues looking over your shoulder. Instead they can use the link you can now supply to them when you launch a campaign and see a simple summary like below.

Report 3

It’s one of a handful of small but extremely useful features that I love about MessageFocus and I hope that this quick tip will allow you to regain that previously lost time.  So go forth and do what you do best.  Be that email marketing guru for your business and impress your manager today!