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Recently LastPass, a password security firm, uncovered data shared online belonging to 152 million Adobe Systems user accounts. It is suggested that this data was from a breach of Adobe’s systems in October.

LastPass have setup a page where you can check if your details were compromised and shared online.

What does that have to do with MessageFocus?

With users having so many online accounts these days, many people re-use username and password combinations across services. With the leaked list of Adobe usernames and passwords, anyone with that data can try those combinations on any other web service to try to gain access to those accounts.

We’ve already cross-referenced our user list with the Adobe list, and notified common users to re-set their MessageFocus password. Even if you didn’t get a notification, it’s a good idea to audit your own user accounts across all the website and services you use, to make sure you’re using different passwords for each.

What are Adestra doing to help keep my data safe?

As well as maintaining MessageFocus on our own secure servers, and implementing the following security protocols in our own office, we also offer extra options to all our clients to ensure the security of your data.

IP address restrictions

You can use IP address restrictions to control the locations from which your users can access MessageFocus, as well as whether users are permitted to download contact data from that location. These options are configurable per-user, which enables you to take complete control, while providing the flexibility required for marketers to do their job without security getting in the way.


For example, you could restrict access to users on the network at your head office. Or, you could give data download access from your head office, where you are certain the necessary security controls are in place to protect your network, but restrict the ability to download data from any other location.

OTP tokens


Along with IP address restrictions, you can add two-factor authentication to your MessageFocus account. Used in combination with account name, username, and password, users will be asked to enter a 6 digit one time passcode provided by an OTP token (pictured above).


The tokens cannot be shared between users, and codes produced are valid for one use only. They can also be de-activated immediately, in case of loss or theft, with a quick call to our support department. So, if the worst happens and your login credentials fall into the wrong hands, you can be assured that your MessageFocus account will remain secure.

OTP tokens can be used in combination with the IP address restrictions explained above, so along with data download restrictions, you can pick which locations require a token for access, reducing the risk associated with users that need access on the move. E.g. you can restrict data download to users that have logged in with an OTP token.

Minimising risk

You need security that works for you, without getting in the way of your users’ productivity. For Adestra clients, your account manager can run through these options at your convenience, and will be able to advise on which are best to suit your business requirements.

To find out more about the data security functionality and services we offer, please contact us.