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Welcome programs and offer-led emails are fantastic for encouraging your contacts to make a purchase. However, it’s the relationship that you build with the customer post purchase which can often be a huge influencing factor as to whether they will become a repeat customer.

This is where automated lifecycle email programs can come in.

Here are a few tips and examples of how to create an effective lifecycle strategy:

Be useful

Send emails which can help your customer make the most of their purchase.

This worked well for Big Cup Little Cup who sent an email to their customers showing them how to make the perfect cup of coffee. This was part of a nurture program which achieved open rates of over 60% and contributed towards a fourfold increase in revenue over 6 months.

mango-bike-campaign-previewCross Sell

Lifecycle programmes are a great way to make your customers aware of your other products or services on offer.

For example, you can cross sell accessories, complementary products to their purchase, warranties and services. Mango Bikes used this strategy, integrating their fantastic brand personality and achieving a 2337% ROI from a single campaign!

Get Feedback and Reviews

Ask your customers to complete a quick survey to let you know their opinions on your products and services. Consider offering an incentive to complete the survey, whether that’s a discount, entering them into a prize draw or even just free delivery.

You can also use this to get reviews from your customers, to improve and understand the needs of your customers.

Send replenishment emails

You know the date on which your customer made their last purchase. If some of your products are likely to need replenishing at a regular interval, this type of email will help you bring additional revenue.

Make sure that you contact them in advance so they do not run out of the product and look elsewhere to purchase it and make it easy to convert by providing a direct link to the product in question.

Harrod_Horticultural-logoThis has worked effectively for Harrod Horticultural who wanted to remind their customers to purchase more slug repellent. They sent a timely email and saw some fantastic results, with 47% of those who clicked-through actually purchasing the slug nematodes.

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