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Christmas is not only a time for presents or for eating so much Christmas pudding that our jeans don’t fit any more. It’s also the season of giving, making it a key season for charities. But sending out a generic email to all your email subscribers is more of a “NO NO NO” than a “Ho Ho Ho”.

So here are a few tips on how you can use personalization and segmentation to give your subscribers a festive treat in their inbox…

Make the most of your transactional data:

You should be using your transactional email data to drive Christmas product sales.

This is exactly what Parkinson’s UK did for their Christmas cards and products emails. Focusing on their most engaged audiences, the charity segmented contacts into three categories based on purchase history:

  • Customers who purchased cards in 2015.
  • Customers who purchased a product in 2016.
  • Members of the charity who purchased a product in 2016.

These segments were sent a series of targeted emails, encouraging subscribers to make a purchase based on their past interactions and purchases. The main element promoted was Christmas cards, as they are Parkinson’s UK’s most popular product throughout the final quarter of the year. This resulted in a 94% uplift in revenue YOY.

Festive fun design:

Christmas is a time of fun and festivities so it’s a great opportunity add some excitement to your email design. This is where dynamic content comes in.

Why not personalize your emails with:

  • Live images.
  • Video.
  • Reveals.

Thank you:

When we receive a gift we all say thank you, even if it is just another pair of socks from your great aunt. This should be no exception for charities when a supporter makes a donation. But rather than just a general thank you email, charities should take this one step further this season by personalizing it.

For example, you can personalize your emails with the following information:

  • Name.
  • Donation amount.
  • What that donation has gone towards.

Not only should charities be thanking their supporters for one-off Christmas donations, they can also use this as an opportunity to send thank you emails for their most loyal supporters’ year-long support by sending a personalized email which can pull in the following;

  • How much they have fundraised / donated over the year.
  • What events they have taken part in.
  • What their fundraising efforts have gone towards.
  • Events for next year to provide them with details of how they can get involved.

If you need more inspiration, check out this personalized campaign from Meteor Electrical.

Looking beyond the holiday season:

Charities rely on support all year round, not just for Christmas. This makes it even more important to nurture your supporters to becoming year long and hopefully life-long supporters.

It’s an opportunity for you to find out more about your supporters so that you target them with the correct information all year round.

Here is where a preference center can come in useful. Ask your supporters what they would like to hear about for the coming year (running events, for example). This will provide you with the opportunity to send them targeted and relevant information going forward.