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As dynamic, real-time or contextual marketing gains more spotlight, marketers across industries wonder how they could use it for their benefit. However, a lot of the advice out there focuses on B2C industries like retail and publishing.

We decided to address this imbalance by compiling a list of ways in which B2B marketers could benefit from this technology too.

What is dynamic content?  

Before we dive into the tips, it’s useful to establish just what we mean by dynamic content. In the case of email marketing, real-time, dynamic or contextual marketing refers to the use of automation technology to personalise the content of an email based on known and observed data.  

Some examples of dynamic content types:

Using dynamic content in B2B email marketing

To help you identify which uses would be of particular interest to you, we’ve devised a series of questions

1. Do you have a high number of mobile openers on your email list?


Tapping on the call-to-action in this email will take you straight to the iTunes store. No more steps in between!

2. Do you have to copy and paste content in your newsletters on a regular basis?


3. Do you organize any events?

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4. Do you want to increase prospect conversions?


There you have it! Now you have 13 ideas to get started and make the best of dynamic content in B2B email marketing.

One size doesn’t fit all: using smart data for personalization