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With the summer season suddenly upon us, consumers are thinking about that luxurious break with sun, sand and a few Pina Coladas. How can you ensure your travel email makes them dream about your amazing holiday deal, while they’re sat at their desk listening to the pouring rain and thinking of their next escape?

Whether it’s the glorious beach image or the bold 70% offer, the challenge remains the same: you want your customers to be unable to resist having a quick read. Try these tips to make sure it’s your travel email that stands out in their inbox.

An emoji is worth a thousand characters 

You want to grab your subscribers’ attention from the start so an enticing subject line is key. Including relevant emoji images into your subject line can help you stand out amongst other emails. Voyage Privé have used this feature well here by including a bold aircraft emoji to start their subject line:


Annabel, you deserve a treat!

Using personalisation is a quick and effective way of making your readers feel more valuable. Adding their first name in the subject line and at the start of your main content of your email is easy, and it should be standard practice for companies that value their customers. Virgin Atlantic have clearly stood out in the example below, and the subject line is also tailored to a customer’s behavior as it’s likely to be a re-engagement campaign:

Personalisation in subject line

Attractive Imagery

Voyage Prive travel emailYou’ve grabbed their attention, your readers have opened to see what irresistible places you have to offer. Now it’s time to entice them with the main content and your focus should be on conversion. To drive click-through you use attractive, bright and eye-catching imagery that makes the customer want to escape to that dream destination. Both Voyage Privé and Secret Escapes seem to be experts in this field:


As you can see the visual element leads the email with little copy so the eye is drawn to the enticing destination imagery, making your customers want to pack their suitcase and book now!

In these examples, they have both also shown a variety of destinations, which will hopefully suit a larger audience.

Less is more in a travel email 

Remember, you want to grab their attention, but don’t give it all away. As you can see in the Voyage Privé example, a great trick is to not include the actual price but the % saving instead, so your customer has to physically click to find out more. This will improve your click-through rate as it gives the customer a reason to continue their journey onto your site.

Do some digging

Not in the sand, but in your data. Analyze your audience’s behaviour to create segments and target them with specific offers. Do you have customers who constantly click on your most expensive offers? Filter the data to identify the luxury segment and create special emails just for them.

Serenity Holidays used this strategy and had a 120% uplift in revenue from the email.

So, key points to remember to ensure you engage your readers and drive your open /click rate: