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Christmas officially begins in the UK when the John Lewis sets the tears rolling yet again with another emotional ad campaign. But what does this mean for retailers everywhere? Last month we saw some holiday emails starting to surface in the inbox, and by now we’re in full swing of email volumes rising. With Black Friday as the first step on the festive retail business train, we’ll share some strategies and tactics that can help you stand out this time of the year.

Is it safe to go all on with festive cheer?

As this graph from eMarketer shows, late November is the peak period in terms of holiday email marketing expectations from your subscribers. Black Friday and the last pay day before Christmas mark the end of November as a key date for shopping so your emails should focus on making your offering attractive and your brand top of mind in the decision making process.


Don’t let history repeat itself

Last year Black Friday took British retailers by surprise both in store (with crowds of people flooding the aisles) and online (bringing websites down at the unprepared spike in traffic). Some retailers even had a digital queue system implemented. It’s no wonder then that Black Friday is predicted to be the biggest shopping day of the holiday season this year.


Caption: Source ChannelAdvisor’s 2015 Online Retail Survey via MarketingLand

Aside from making your website ready, you need to evaluate your email marketing and make sure it’s top notch:

Black Friday examples from last year

I couldn’t finish this month’s holiday email planning tips without sharing some examples from last year’s Black Friday. It seems that conversions were all retailers were after as they sent short and sweet campaigns. However, because they’re image-based, subscribers who have images turned off will miss the calls-to-action.  

Black Friday Hotel Chocolat

Black Friday Dorothy Perkins


Black Friday Topshop