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The sight of pumpkins and carving sets in the supermarkets can only mean one thing: fright night is upon on us once again! Before you let the dreams of templates-past come and haunt you, check out this round-up of wickedly good examples for your inspiration.

Trick or treat: animated GIFs bring your offering to life

One thing’s for sure, animation is the in-thing this Halloween season. But just because you’ve added a bit of movement to your campaign, it doesn’t mean subscribers will fall over backwards trying to convert. You have to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. does the animation add to my message?
  2. does it follow the general theme of the campaign?
  3. do you use a continuous loop or a single play?
  4. what does the animation fall back to in incompatible email clients (like Outlook)?

Based on these four questions, we’ve picked our favourite animated GIF: Miss Selfridge. The animation makes the reader more interested as it implies that a daily offer is involved, it follows the theme of the campaign and it plays once as you open the email so it doesn’t distract from the rest of the content.

Miss Selfridge animated GIF loop

Other contenders were Fortnum & Mason with a great example of how to customize a hamper and New Look, although its fast-moving continuous looping made me a bit dizzy.

Fortnum and mason animated GIF

Fortnum & Mason – Build your own hamper

New Look animated gif

New Look – Outfit inspiration


Spooktacular copy and creepy crawly design

Probably the one time of the year when I consider spiders and creepy crawly creatures acceptable around the room and in emails, I see brands are once again competing for the spookiest email of the year prize. Some fantastic examples come from:





Expect the unexpected

While Halloween might generally be considered a great sales period for confectionery and fancy dress brands, an unexpectedly delightful example came to us from the travel industry. took the opportunity to advertise some of their spooky castle holidays in Scotland, Romania, Italy, Austria and France. These ‘to die for’ destinations (who doesn’t love a good pun?) come with a spooky score of one to three pumpkins and a frightening description to get your blood flowing.

Their email design could use a few retouches, but it’s an overall great campaign from an industry that doesn’t normally get involved with Halloween email.

What emails have sent shivers down your spine this Halloween season?