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Never rest on your laurels with list growth.

The numbers speak for themselves: the more prospective customers you talk to, the more conversions you’ll be able to achieve and the better you’ll be able to meet those revenue targets. Even those smugly sitting on a sizable database after GDPR should be aware that every list has natural churn, with around 25% of your list unsubscribing or disengaging annually. It’s important to fill the gap and capture new people into your funnel.

Audit your acquisition touchpoints

A great starting point for bumping up your list growth is an acquisition audit. Look at every touchpoint you have with customers – for example, on your website, in- store, phone calls, transactional emails, blog posts, apps and social channels. Consider even printed collateral, packaging, events, sister brands and ATL advertising. Are you taking every opportunity to capture customer data and positive opt-in? Is the current process as prominent, simple and effective as it can be?

See our eGuide for ideas on how to leverage social channels to build your list.

Set targets

What’s your current sign-up rate for website visitors? By how much could you improve it? What’s a realistic target for each of the touchpoints you plan to exploit? What is each new sign-up worth to your business? Having something to aim for will focus your efforts and help you to secure resource.

Consider the value exchange

To boost your sign-up rate, consider what’s in it for your customer. They’re trusting you with their personal data, so what are you offering in return? Effective tactics include a discount on their first purchase (tried and tested by online retailers, its now almost an expectation). You might offer entry into a competition, or something valuable to your customers such as a free trial, whitepaper or eGuide. (Think GDPR, however: make sure opt-in is not conditional to receive the ‘gift’. It’s still a great tactic to attract people to your site and put the sign-up form in front of them.)

At the very least, make sure you explain the benefits of signing up to your newsletter and emphasize the good stuff that your subscribers will receive. Our client Big Cup Little Cup optimized their website and achieved a 200% increase in newsletter sign-ups.

Trigger a welcome email straight away

Acknowledge your new sign-ups as quickly as possible (ideally in real-time) and build on their newbie enthusiasm by entering them into a welcome journey. For extra points (and engagement!) personalize their experience according to their point of entry. Online retailer PetsPyjamas achieved outstanding results with this approach.

Good luck!


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