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You’ve heard it time and time again. Email is the number one channel for ROI. But how do you convince consumers to subscribe to your emails? Part of the answer lies in your data collection process. A well designed form can successfully encourage visitors to your website to sign up to your emails.

Advantages of gathering contacts via signup forms

Warning: Brands with multiple divisions might be fooled into thinking that if subscribers have accepted to receive updates from one of their divisions, they can be emailed on behalf of other divisions too. But assumptions like these can be very dangerous, as spam complaints are the most likely result. Instead, introduce sister brands in your emails, and suggest recipients to subscribe if interested.

CafePod-voucherIdeas for using B2C signup forms for data collection

Organize a competition or giveaway – give consumers the chance to win a prize, or claim a free sample in exchange for giving you their data. CafePod used this strategy and drove sales through a thank you email.

Promote email as a channel to get exclusive news or updates – Media 10 did this for the promotion of a Star Trek event and gathered 12,000 new contacts in the process.

Offer consumers the chance to sign up during the checkout process – they are just about to purchase something from you, so they might be interested in your news too.

The elements of successful B2C signup forms

One size doesn’t fit all: using smart data for personalization