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Marketers are already making changes to their data management policies and processes as they prepare for the enforcement of GDPR in 2018. And with increased scrutiny for consumers, regarding the way their details are handled, the best policy is transparency.

So, I thought I’d share some examples which make it crystal clear to consumers why customer data is collected, how it’s handled and how customers can opt-out.

A couple of my examples take it a step further too and have adopted video as a way of presenting their policies in an engaging format.

Channel 4: Our Viewer Promise – Time: 2:02

What I love about it:

The Guardian: Why your data matters to us – Time: 1:35

What I love about it:

The publisher also produced another video going into more detail regarding their privacy policy.

Slack: Our Privacy Principles

I know that not all companies have extensive video or animation budgets, so I thought I’d share a good written example too. Slack, a workplace messaging platform, have followed some of the principles of transparency from the videos above in writing. The platform clearly communicates:

Have you seen a great example of a data policy? Do share!