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If you have a large readership on Facebook but you’re worried about missing out on a direct relationship with those readers, I bring you good news.

Facebook, in news released by Digiday, now allows newsletter signups within Instant Articles. Giving you the chance to grow your direct readership, despite the content being hosted elsewhere.

What are Instant Articles?

Facebook has been trialing their Instant Articles for close to a year now and they plan to make it global at their F8 Conference in April.

They were built “to solve a specific problem – slow loading times on the mobile web [that] created a problematic experience for people reading news on their phones”.  With the strength of social media, usability through a social platform on a phone needs to mimic that of a desktop computer. However, despite Instant Articles being a solution, there have been some teething issues.


Image from Marketing Land

Why should publishers care?

The signup feature, which may be seen as a response to Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages, is currently only being tested by a few select publishers but it is a bonus for them. That is because of how important newsletters can be for publishers.

The New York Times, for example, has a paywall and is dependent on paid subscribers. They found, however, that those who were subscribed to a newsletter first were then twice as likely to become paid subscribers.

Additonally, 80% of publishers ranked their ROI from email as excellent or good.

As a publisher, it’s great when people read your content, wherever it may be. What Facebook now allows though, with sign-ups available in Instant Articles, is the chance for publishers to convert those readers into loyal ones. Readers who will get given what they want to read, rather than having to find it.

What can Instant Articles offer you?

Instant Articles are a great way to gain the exposure all brands want. By putting content where the readers are and doing it fast.

Now, with the additional capability to include sign-ups, they will also provide an avenue for converting readers into subscribers and Facebook views to direct site views. This will allow you to grow your audience and offers greater business opportunities.