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With the most popular events of the summer quickly approaching, here are a few things that we as marketers can learn from the athletes taking part.

Endurance Athletes

They understand that a steady tactical approach to a race is the key to success. Setting off quickly during a marathon will lead to a burn out during the 20th mile and can end in disaster. But strategically planning and pacing each mile results in victory on race day.

Email marketers can apply this approach to their emails. Blasting contacts with all the content, products and offers that you have can lead to an information overload and ultimately unsubscribes. However, planning automated campaigns which target contacts at specific times with relevant and interesting content can lead to a conversion.


Sprinters realise that a strong start is the key to getting ahead. Reaction times at the start can make or break a race. Starting off too slow will not leave them in good stead, however, quick reaction times can help them get ahead of the competition.

Email marketers can benefit from having quick reaction times. When a contact first signs up to your emails is the time when they are most engaged with your brand, so make sure you send them a confirmation / welcome email straight way. Get some inspiration from Beachcomber whose strategy saw them to victory at the finish line with a 15% increase in email driven traffic.

The Downhill Mountain Biking Team

Downhill Mountain Biking is a dangerous sport with lots of risks involved. But Downhill Mountain Biking athletes are not scared to take risks to win the gold.

Email marketers can learn from these brave athletes by taking risks. Contacts can get bored of the same content being sent to them every day and may emotionally and physically unsubscribe. Trying fresh content can be the key to keeping your contacts engaged. Experiment with a new tone in your subject lines, for example, and use a split test to see the results of your new ideas.


Shooting athletes are driven by targets. Hitting the right target leads to gold, but missing them will place you at the bottom of the leaderboard.

Targeting is vital to achieving results for the email marketer. Sending targeted content means that your contacts are receiving emails which they are more likely to engage with because they’re relevant to them. This works far better than a blast approach in helping you hit the bulls-eye and get those conversions. Using a preference centre is a fantastic way to help you to segment and target your contacts.

Training plans

Every athlete taking part has dedicated themselves to a training schedule to help them develop their fitness and skills, and be as prepared as possible when they need to perform. They employ a team of trainers who are experts in their field to help them with this because failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Email marketers can hugely benefit from in depth training and strategic sessions to help them to execute campaigns quickly and efficiently, providing more time to plan and strategise to prepare for victory.

Ready, set, Go! Go for gold this summer and achieve your email marketing dreams!