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Today in Term of the Week, we explore Preference Centers and how they can help you in your email marketing.

example preference centerPreference Centers are forms which allow your subscribers to update their details and choose what information to receive, at any point in their relationship with your brand.

Why are Preference Centers important? When your contacts first subscribe they might (fingers crossed!) choose to receive all your emails. But after a while they might find not all of them are relevant, or the emails arrive too often. Their first thought will be to unsubscribe completely, but you can offer them an alternative which gives them more control over what they receive. Include a link to the Preference Center in all your emails, so they can always access it.

What are the potential effects of a Preference Center?

Give subscribers as much control as you want by deciding what options to include. Contact your account manager to find out how easily you can set up a Preference Center.

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