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You have spent hours perfecting your latest email campaign, but has all of your hard work gone to waste because your emails are not getting delivered? This could be because email clients (or mailbox providers) such as Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail, see you as a foe rather than a friend.

Why do email clients see you as the enemy?

Spam complaints

Complaints are not a friendly action. They flag to email clients that you cannot be trusted. Once you lose trust with them you need to work hard to get that trust back.

Contacts are deleting your emails before they are opened

This suggests to the mailbox provider that your content is boring or not relevant. They only want to be friends with engaging and popular email senders. So review your subject lines, make them snappy and interesting to get those emails opened.

You could also create a re-engagement campaign; remind your contacts why they signed up to receive your emails in the first place.

You don’t look trustworthy

Careless mistakes, poor presentation and incorrect spellings can make your contacts wary of engaging with your emails. This can lead to trust issues, and if your contacts do not trust you, then email clients certainly will not. Make sure you check, check and check again to reduce errors and build a trusting relationship.

For big companies there is also a danger of Phishing. This can affect the brands reputation and can lead to a drop in engagement and an increase in complaints. Setting up SPF will help you to avoid this.

Here are a few tips to make friends with email clients:

Forward to a friend

Organic forwarding of your emails, suggests to mailbox providers that you’re popular. Your content is engaging and interesting and should be placed in the inbox with the rest of the popular senders. Encourage your recipient to share your emails with all their friends!

Contacts hitting the ‘Not Spam’ button or adding you as a contact

This tells the email client that they were all wrong about you. They were wrong to outcast you to the spam box, as actually you are popular. They will be more careful not to be so judgemental next time.

Activity is king

The more your contacts engage with your emails the more likely your emails are to land in the inbox. Engaging subject lines, relevant content and an active contact base will all help you to form a great reputation with email clients.

Take care of your reputation

Mailbox providers do not like too much change. Building up your IP reputation rather than changing IP addresses regularly will help. You will be rewarded for your loyalty, by landing in the inbox.

Top tips: