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We’ve always encouraged email marketers to test variants of their communications to see what works best for their audience.  And we’ve given them a hand with this too, with easy to use technology that ensures testing becomes habitual.

Email testing in MessageFocus is as easy as A,B,C (up to Z!)

We’ve always been proud that it only takes a few clicks to get started with testing in MessageFocus. You need one click to create another variant of your email (or up to 27 of them), or just a few more depending on what you’re testing.

Our users love this and have achieved great results by testing their assumptions. Condé Nast tested three different focuses in their subject lines and the winning variant saw 35% more opens than the next one; and RIBA tested two approaches to their branded templates and saw a fantastic improvement of 233% in opens and 100% in clicks from using a cleaner, more focused design.

Welcome to ‘your monthly news’ or ‘our monthly news’?

As a savvy email marketer, you understand the importance of relevant and automated programs that welcome, nurture and re-engage your customers. Testing campaigns used within such programs is key too, and we’ve just made that easy in the Automation Program Builder.

How does email testing in the Automation Program Builder work?

This feature preserves all the capabilities of individual campaign testing. In a few clicks, you could be altering be the subject line, from address, reply address or your email content and testing it against a control variant.

You might be thinking that testing campaigns that are part of a program gets more complicated, but we don’t like to sacrifice ease of use. So what is different?

  1. Instead of launching the campaign, you need to publish it. Just like you would with any other campaign linked to the Automation Program Builder.
  2. Instead of setting a percentage of the list to receive the different variants, MessageFocus will automatically split the number of contacts reaching the stage where your email test is. You’re less likely to have a good enough sample size in each launch to validate the test, so it needs to run for a while.
  3. Everyone’s a winner until you decide otherwise. When you think sufficient launches have happened to make your test significant, you can look at the Campaign Summary Report, choose a winner and delete the losing variant.

I’m not sure, is testing really worth it?

Email testing is the only way you can know what appeals to your audience, moving beyond general tips and tricks to test their validity. In fact, email marketers who test different elements of their campaign also report a better ROI. So, unless you get 100% opens and clicks, there’s always something you can improve!