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Attracting customers in today’s market is dependant on companies being relevant to them through experiences, content and offering. But relevancy can’t be achieved without customer knowledge and knowledge comes from technology. So how do you choose a marketing technology vendor that gives you the best value for money and matches your business goals? Forrester looked into the European market to find some answers and compare it to the US market.

It’s generally accepted that the execution of marketing automation in Europe is different from in the US, but not for the reasons you might think. The former is sometimes seen as a late adopter of marketing technology, but a recent Forrester Report discovered this is not the case. The report ‘Marketing Automation Success With European Companies’ briefly analyzed the characteristics of the European market and presented 14 marketing technology vendors, including Adestra.

Barriers to adopting marketing automation

Perhaps due to the fact that Europe is not as homogenized in terms of culture as the US, a more locally-tailored approach is seen as necessary. Related to this, the report links higher security and privacy levels with a less intense use of marketing automation, as these levels make the process more complex.

While it’s true that data collection is more challenging under the stricter regulation of the EU market, there is no causal relation to lower automated email volumes. As the2014 Email Marketing Industry Census’ showed, the biggest barriers to marketing automation are finding time to make it happen (45% of surveyed companies) and lack of skills (41% of surveyed agencies).

Factors influencing the choice of marketing technology providers

Another aspect mentioned in the report was the fact that European companies are more process-oriented in their planning, which reflects on their investment commitments. As such, they look for flexibility and adaptability in technology vendors rather than restructuring their processes to fit a particular software.

While this may be the case, there are other aspects that come into play when choosing a technology vendor, which may take precedent over this aspect. Companies may decide based on their size, their marketing budget, internal communication flow and amount of stakeholders.

Find the full report on the Forrester website. What influences the use and choice of marketing technology in your company?