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When it comes to Christmas time, we seem to throw any restraint out the door with portion sizes and treats.

After all, it’s a special time of the year! In addition, social pressures and glossy TV advertisements mean that often we feel we have no choice but to be over-generous. However, this often means looking around after the holidays to find we’re surrounded by a pile of discarded wrapping, a mountain of half-eaten treats, and a few culinary and craft experiments that seemed like good ideas at the time. No wonder we’re all inspired to start the new year with a good clear up!

The same phenomenon happens with our email marketing. We accumulate more and more email data, striving for volume of prospects in the hope that when they need a product or service, they will choose ours.

The reality is sometimes one we don’t wish to think about: emails ending up in Spam or Junk folders or dropping in to the inbox of an account that hasn’t been accessed in years. We are inherently hoarders and this applies to our business practices as well as our homes. What we need to now is to take stock and have a good clear out from a busy 2016.

What happens if you don’t have a clean database?

Those emails that are consistently not reaching the inbox need to be dealt with before they drag deliverability down for the consumers who DO want to hear from you. As you might have heard before, repeated mailing of disengaged email addresses can affect the chances of getting through to the inbox. Chances are, if you are sending weekly newsletters and someone hasn’t opened one in the last 6 months, it’s highly unlikely they will open the next few either.

How do you do an efficient data clean? Case in point: C+D

Chemist & Druggists – a multimedia publishing arm of UBM aimed at the pharmaceuticals industry in UK – filter persistent non-engagers in to a re-engagement campaign and the results have shown why.

Their re-engagement program consists of three campaigns populated with the latest content using RSS feeds. Subscribers who re-engage are returned to the active list, if not, they are unsubscribed. A simple clean-up, but one which yielded great results with a 15 percent increase in active subscribers.

c+d re-engagement 1

c+d re-engagement 2

c+d re-engagement 3

Is it time for you to have a cleanse? To find more on how Chemists & Druggists achieved it, read the full case study.