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No company will have a 100% conversion rate on their website; it is inevitable people will abandon their basket before completing their purchase for one reason or another.

You  can improve that rate, though, by sending an abandoned basket email. It can help encourage some of these potential customers who have added something to their basket on your website and abandoned the purchase process, to return and complete their transaction.

Below I have included answers to a few of the most common questions we get when it comes to abandoned basket emails.

How long after the potential customer abandons their basket should I send the abandoned basket email?

This is something that needs to be tested, as the length of time will vary depending on if it is a high involvement purchase or a low. You don’t want to send the email immediately after they have abandoned their basket, you don’t want to give the impression of stalking! Plus if the recipient got distracted while adding items to their basket it is possible they are still busy. Or if they simply needed a little time to think about the purchase before placing their order, this wouldn’t have given them enough time. Equally you don’t want to wait too long after the recipient has abandoned as they may have bought the product elsewhere in that time. I would recommend anywhere between 3 and 24 hours.

What should be included within the abandoned basket email?

Should I include an incentive?

Many people ask whether they should use incentives within their abandoned basket emails. To answer this, you need to consider why people would have abandoned the basket. Did they get distracted by something else? Were they not 100% sure about the purchase (do I really need this?!)? Was it a cost issue on price or delivery?

If they simply got distracted you don’t want to offer the recipient a discount, when they may have purchased anyway, with just a reminder. You also don’t want to teach your regular customer that abandoning their basket will result in a discount, encouraging them to do this every time before they make a purchase. Therefore if you are going to offer a discount, first do some testing to ensure that offering a discount is actually increasing the number of conversions enough to justify the discount. Also offer it irregularly, so customers don’t come to expect it. Maybe create a series of two abandoned basket emails, with the first one reminding the recipient that they have things within their basket and then send the second if the recipient has opened the email and not completed the purchase containing the added incentive.

How do I automate this process?

Adestra’s Conversion Capture feature allows for real time emails to be automatically sent to those recipients who have abandoned their basket on your website. For further information click here or contact your account manager.