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Vouchers are a long established sales-boosting tactic. With ownership of smartphones on the rise, email vouchers can now help you more than ever to turn occasional shoppers into loyal consumers. Read on to find out how, and a list of tips when using vouchers in email marketing.

Why should you use email vouchers?

Never send vouchers as an attachment

It’s widely considered bad practice in email marketing, mainly because spammers use it as a strategy to send destructive attachments. Spam filters view them as highly suspicious, so your email isn’t even likely to reach the inbox, let alone convince the reader to open them.

Instead, use a combination of text and image to show the voucher code. And if you also have a mobile app, take advantage of the mobile environment by using deep-linking to allow saving the voucher in the app. This can help you make sure the voucher doesn’t get lost in the inbox, and subscribers can use it when they shop from your app. Check out a simple way to do it with

Waitrose email

Voucher sent to me via email, which could have a handy button saying ‘Send to Waitrose app’

Waitrose app

The voucher could show under myWaitrose or built into a separate category called My Vouchers

Personalize the experience

Personalization can help subscribers feel valued because they feel like they are receiving an offer targeted at them. Go beyond the standard ‘Hi Anca’ and include the loyalty card number and level of points (if applicable). Costa do this well in their emails.

Costa points email

Costa automatically insert the number of points and closest reward you could get with them.

A great way to welcome new subscribers

Did you know that welcome emails with vouchers or coupon codes experience 2.5x higher transaction rates than welcome emails without offers? Your subscribers are likely to be the most engaged with your email marketing right after they’ve signed up. Why not strike the iron while it’s hot? CaféPod used this strategy and boosted their sales. And there’s other tactics you could test in your welcome emails as well.

Take it up a notch

If you gather location data, use it to automatically pull in the subscriber’s nearest store and opening hours. Or if you have multiple branches, you could test out a campaign on a specific region before expanding it nationally.

Starbucks voucher email

With a bit of tweaking, this voucher could say ‘Meet me at Starbucks Oxford’

As Google continues to roll-out its Inbox app, Gmail subscribers can start snoozing your emails until they get to a location (like one of your shops). You could increase the likelihood of them popping-in and buying something, if the email notifies them at the right time. Explore how promotional emails look in the new Inbox by Gmail app to increase the chances of conversion.