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One of the biggest mistakes that email marketers make is oversending to an audience, said Adestra’s Head of Deliverability, John Stephenson, at its Email Summit LA last week.  

According to Stephenson, some marketers send to lists that they’ve been sending to for several years, but some of the users on the list aren’t engaged anymore. Network providers such as Gmail look at that as problematic and if they continue to see the same behavior over time, it can result in bulk foldering.

Stephenson urged marketers to care for and monitor their email lists, and to remedy any small deliverability issues before they become a longstanding one.  “Even if it’s as small as 4 percent of emails going to the spam folder, 4 percent of an audience over a long period of time can add up,” he said.

In the video below, Stephenson gives examples of some red flag metrics that email marketers can use to measure their deliverability risk, as well as what they can do to rectify mistakes that they’re making.