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As with any user experience, design for the customer journey is crucial, and email is no exception to that rule.

Speaking at Email Summit LA last week, Adestra’s Rob Pellow, Global Head of Design, gave three key areas that the design of your emails must deliver on in order to be successful.

First, emails must uphold trust of past interactions. So as soon as a consumer opens your email, it must feel authentic and deliver on the brand experiences displayed in previous emails.

Second, your emails must think about the wider customer journey. Emails do not exist in isolation, Pellow explained, and consumers will always receive it and then move on to the next touchpoint. Or, they will come from one touchpoint and find your email. Therefore, the entire journey must be thought out from before and after the email is sent.

Third, all emails must support the engagement of content, but in an unobtrusive manner. “It’s about creating a small noise of surprise that interrupts their behavior and encourages them to engage, rather than a shock element that can have a negative impact on the content,” Pellow said.

In the video interview below, Pellow also speaks about the importance of consistency in emails, as well as why templates do not take away from the creativity of a designer, despite some thinking that they might!