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It’s a bold statement, but one that Ryan Phelan, VP of Marketing Insights at Adestra claimed last week during a presentation on strategy at our Email Summit LA.

According to Phelan, email marketing holds huge opportunity, but about 70 percent of marketers are ignoring the totality of what they could do with the channel. In order to overcome this, Phelan urged marketers to incrementally innovate by taking a step back, looking at their overall email programs and choosing one small area to improve on each week.

“It could merely be replacing an image based on a data point that you have, or creating a segment of buyers versus non-buyers. The point is to choose an achievable goal over a set period and gradually get more advanced as time goes on. This is how you’ll reap all the benefits that email has to offer,” he said.

In the video interview below, Phelan speaks more about incremental innovation, as well as what it means to be a First-Person Marketer. He also takes a dive into data to advise on the points that marketers should be concentrating on.