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After watching Parry’s latest webinar on subject line keyword checking, the main thing I took away from the session was that Obama is seriously cool. And also, that regularly testing your email campaigns is the most productive and beneficial thing you can do.

Without absolute certainty that your content, launch time and data are perfect, there is nothing to lose from testing your campaigns to optimise results. These factors can always vary over time so keeping on top of your audience and knowing what they want will undoubtedly improve your email marketing strategy. You can test any element of your email campaigns, a good place to start is with some of the most commonly tested:

Subject lines

Always remember that even if your emails aren’t being opened, your subject lines still carry your brand identity and campaign message. Without a killer informative and enticing subject line, your emails can get lost in the hailstorm of a busy inbox. So testing keywords, symbols and personalisation is the most effective way to find high performing subject lines. We’ve done the hard work here and analysed 2.2 billion emails to see which keywords and phrases most appeal to your audience, broken down by industry too. Download the Adestra Subject Line Analysis Report here.


What works today, may not work tomorrow. So try experimenting with your copy, style and tone to match your mailing list. A deceiving subject line and inconsistent message will detract from your brand so ensure you keep your recipients on side. By using the MessageFocus reporting tab, you can tap into the behaviour and preferences of your audience. You can view which links they click on regularly, which subject lines are more interesting and what articles they want to read; then use these ideas to influence the copy and layout of future campaigns. Honing in on what appeals to your audience is an effective way of improving open and click rates, what more could you want?

Launch times

One of the most frequently asked questions from our clients here at Adestra is “when’s the best time to send our email campaigns?” And the answer simply is, anytime! There is no umbrella optimal launch time, as this can greatly differ depending on your mailing list, industry and the type of email you are sending. One way to test launch times and drive email activity is to look into your website traffic to see when your audience is most engaged, and sending to your mailing list just beforehand. Or use the timeline reporting feature in MessageFocus to see when recipients are more likely to open your emails and target these times.

MessageFocus Timeline Report screenshot

MessageFocus easily allows you to experiment with all these features. Using the split testing function, you can test up to 26 variants of your campaigns to a percentage of your mailing list. You can see which variant would achieve the best results, and the most successful can be launched automatically to the rest of your list.

You can also choose the criteria to determine which variant performs the best, either by opens, clicks, or clicks of opens. The individual results for each variant are available in the split test report, so you can easily compare and analyse your results.

Split-testing screenshot

Split testing your emails is the most effective way to learn more about your audience and ultimately improve open and click rates, so click here to learn more about it. Your Account Manager is still on hand to check subject line keywords for you and ensure you make the most out of split testing.