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…& not enough on optimisation

For those asking just where the time is being spent on email campaigns, new research reveals the answer, and highlights changing behaviour from six years ago. The Adestra/Econsultancy Email Marketing Industry Census 2013* surveyed over 1300 email marketers in the UK and looked to breakdown time spent on different activities.

Almost two thirds (62%) of marketers spend two or more hours on design and content for a typical email campaign, of that almost one fifth (18%) spend more than 8 hours for each campaign (ie a whole day!). This might imply that the system they are using is taking too long – so they could look to use time saving technology and improve working practices with their ESP (email service provider).

Marketers aren’t spending equivalent time optimising their emails. In fact, over a quarter (27%) spend no time on it at all. With little focus on campaign optimisation, improving response rates is difficult. Ongoing optimisation is fundamental in email marketing – this helps the whole process evolve and improve – eg personalisation, relevance, deliverability.

Companies appear to be spending a lot of time on making emails look good, and less on driving response rates and therefore ROI. So investment in design and content may be wasted if the email isn’t delivered effectively, or is not rendered properly.

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