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As outlined in a recent infographic created by Sainsbury’s Bank (embedded below), the holiday season is a key time of the year to make sure you keep your data safe while shopping online.

With 87 percent of UK shoppers making at least one purchase online over the course of a year, helping consumers could sway them towards shopping with you rather than competitors. What can brands do to instill trust in their customers and help them stay safe? Here are some top tips, suggesting ways in which email can help:

  • Wi-Fi security – consumers should be aware of making financial transactions on public Wi-Fi because unauthorised people may intercept data. As shoppers are likely to be on-the-go while browsing for ideas, make sure to send an abandoned basket, browsing or wishlist reminder email to prompt them back to your site when they’re connected to a network they trust.
  • Make your emails recognisable – consumers are wary of scams and unsolicited email this time of the year so don’t make any major changes to your From Name, email address or branding. If they don’t recognise your emails, they will mark them as spam and send your email deliverability down the drain. You can read this post to find out more about avoiding deliverability nightmares during the holiday season.
  • Target un-engaged contacts separately – related to the point above, it’s crucial to segment your un-engaged contacts during the holiday season, keep these segments small and tweak your messaging. If you send a batch and blast email to a large dormant list, you could wreak havoc and be blacklisted for weeks!
  • Reinforce security of transactions – why not include the Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode logos in your email (if you have permission to do so) to make customers feel safe to shop as soon as they receive your special offers?

Find more tips and advice in Sainsbury’s Bank’s infographic:

Sainsbury’s Bank Visual Guide to Shopping Safely Online