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Whether it’s abandoning a pair of shoes, a ticket to a concert or an online weekly shop, we have all abandoned an online purchase at some stage. This is a growing trend with over 84% of consumers abandoning their baskets or carts before checkout, resulting in companies losing a huge number of potential sales.

If you’re a retailer, travel company or charity, read on to see what you can do to regain the attention of those potential customers.

Boost sales by up to 20%

Rather than just accepting abandoned baskets, savvy companies make use of technology to re-engage, and encourage the consumer to return and make their purchase. One such piece of technology is Conversion Capture.

It works by automatically sending a personalized email to the abandoner. These highly personalized emails can turn lost transactions into revenue and can boost sales by up to 20% with retargeting. But remember: this email’s purpose is to nudge the receiver into coming back and buying their chosen item(s). So resist the temptation to make them take a tour of your website again.

If you want to cross-sell, use automation to suggest complementary products in the email, but make the central call-to-action (CTA) lead to the checkout. Then test and see if this is helps or hinders your goals.

Ready to start? Some tips for success

It couldn’t be easier to get started. By adding a code to your website’s basket pages you can simply populate MessageFocus with this data then send, track and measure your reminder emails.

Tips for creating a successful Conversion Capture campaign:

  1. Gentle reminders: gently encourage them to purchase the product(s) they have left behind. Use words like ‘have you forgotten something?’, ‘view cart’, ‘complete your order’ to reengage your customers.
  2. Clear copy and design: the main aim of an abandoned basket email is to drive the reader back to your website to complete the purchase. So make this as simple as possible with a clear CTA button and uncluttered design
  3. Landing page: be sure that the CTA button links directly to the abandoned basket. If not, it’s very unlikely that the consumer is going to hunt around to find the product(s) again.
  4. URGENT: creating a sense of urgency encourages the reader to act there and then. Phrases such as ‘Don’t Miss Out’ can drive the customer to the website straight away.
  5. Use incentivises with caution: if a customer has simply been distracted during the checkout process, a reminder email will be effective enough. If you would like to offer a discount make sure you test to check how effective it is at different stages in your re-engagement campaigns. Otherwise, customers might often ‘forget’ to checkout in order to get that discount code.
  6. Timing: What works for everyone else might not always work for you. So test the timings of your abandoned basket emails. This will give you an idea of when your customers are most likely to re-engage.