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Unlocking the true value of your precious data is high on every marketers agenda. With phrases like “Big Data”, “modern marketing” and the steady stream of new ways to get your message out there, this may seem like a momentous task.

In his presentation at DataIQNOW! last week, Parry debunked the myths of “Big Data”, in favour of focusing on “Little Data”. This is the data that you can proactively use straight away.

In an email marketing context, there are three simple examples:

Open rates: If you increase your open rate, you’re giving yourself a chance. The main thing here is to have an effective subject line strategy – don’t view each email as a one-off, view them as part of a long-term branding campaign and ensure your subject lines build your brand on a sustainable basis.

Click through rates: Action speaks louder than words – structure your emails so they drive action. Consider the psychological state of your customers and create your emails so they drive people to take action.

Conversion rates: These days there’s no excuse to not be able to attribute revenue to email. Start tracking your conversions now. This way, you can see what variables within your control make you more money.

You can watch his 90 second synopsis of his presentation here >