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Unlock the true marketing potential of your mobile devices with this list of essential apps.


You’ve got a busy day ahead, most of it is inevitably out of the office. So stay connected with this selection of marketing apps that will make your life easier when on the move —  from the moment you wake up to when you finally arrive back home.



For: iOS, Android

Wunderlist allows users to get a heads-up on the day ahead as you can check schedules, collaborate on documents, assign projects and communicate live with your team, all in one place.


Flipboard and Pulse

Flipboard is for: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry

Pulse is for: iOS, Android

Flipboard and Pulse are news aggregators designed to provide personalized news and topics; Flipboard has a magazine-style layout and smooth ergonomics.


Team Viewer

For: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Team Viewer is more than a simple messaging service. It allows users to remotely access and manage a computer’s content wherever they are — with all team members being able to see who is doing what.



For: iOS, Android

AroundMe can be used to locate nearby restaurants, ATMs, coffee shops and more by using your mobile’s GPS. Clear and direct, AroundMe makes discovery in an unfamiliar area a cinch.


Google Analytics

For: Android

This app allows users to gain statistical information about areas such as website traffic, in the palm of their hand.

Concur for Mobile

For: iOS, Android, Blackberry

Enter any expenses, whether it’s taking a quick picture of a receipt, or booking a flight or hotel. No expense is too big or too small for this app.



For: iOS, Android

Browse over 1,700 TED talks given by people from all walks of professional life. It’s always easy to find inspiration and motivation from some of the best minds in the business.


For: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Netflix allows users to stream a variety of TV programs and films on-demand.

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