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If your answer is yes, then you’ll know the importance of reviews and testimonials to the buying process.

You may well be using some form of peer recognition in your campaigns. This week, we’re encouraging you to experiment with the way you use this influence in your emails, whether you’re looking to showcase it or to ask your customers for more input.

What to test

  • Does a long testimonial or review work better than a shorter one?
  • In B2B, does a testimonial signed by a senior job role work better than an end-user?
  • Does the number of supporting logos influence the number of clicks?
  • Does waiting a week or two after a product has been dispatched work better when asking for a review?
  • Does offering an incentive, such as a prize draw or loyalty points, help you gain more reviews?
  • One for events: does a written or a video testimonial result in higher engagement?

These are just some ideas that you can experiment with, but bear in mind that peer reviews are often an add-on to an email campaign. As you’re unlikely to have a direct action follow (like a click), you’ll have to run the campaigns for a long time – a year, at least – to see if there are any significant differences.

Ready to try it? Let us know how your test goes in the comments below and check our other suggestions too.