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Until recently, any user signing up for a Gmail account had to create a Google Plus account as part of the process; a valiant effort to grow the social platform into a social media hub. So how can you capitalise on this? Simply linking your Google Plus page to Gmail will enrich the overall experience of your emails for Gmail users.

Strengthen your presence in the inbox

Activating the widget will show your logo in the grid view of your recipients’ inbox in Gmail and will pull in the most recent Google Plus post next to your email when open. This extends the message of your email and reinforces your brand for both open and unread emails.

Gmail Inbox logosShow your logo in Inbox by Gmail and the grid view of the Promotions tab

In the new Inbox by Gmail, company logos are pulled from company Google Plus pages. This is also true for the grid view in the Promotions tab which is still in trial with Gmail users. By having your logo next to the subject line, you ultimately strengthen your position in the mind of the consumer, as well as set your emails apart from others in the inbox.

Otherwise, your brand is automatically represented by an initial just like every other email. You wouldn’t want to send out the same subject line as a competitor so why have the same logo?

The advantages of linking your Google Plus page with Gmail

Ready to get this set up?

A.Via Webmaster Tools (best option if you’re not familiar with editing your website)

  1. Visit and choose the page you want to manage
  2. Select your Google Plus page from the ‘My Business’ menu on the left-hand side
  3. Go to the ‘About’ tab and click ‘Link my website’
  4. An approval request will be sent to the verified webmaster of the page
  5. Once approved, you’ll get a notification email and a tick will be displayed next to your website URL on the Google Plus page

Google Plus Linked Website

B. Alternatively, you can insert some code on your website, and make sure that the same website address is used as the primary link on your Google Plus page.

  1. Follow the first three steps from above
  2. A box will appear showing the snippet of code you need to insert in the <head> tag of the website
  3. Click the ‘Test website’ button to make sure it’s working correctly
  4. When finished, the tick will appear next to your website URL on your Google Plus page

And that’s all it takes to get set up. Just 4 steps and 5 valuable reasons to make Gmail and Google Plus work for you.