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Follow our personalised email marketing tips to create truly customised customer experiences that boost your eCommerce business.

Me-commerce – how personalisation is transforming eCommerce marketing

Now that we’re living in the digital age, the ‘four Ps of marketing’ (product, price, place, promotion) should have a fifth P added – personalisation. But consumers today get a lot more marketing messages than ever before – via emails, social media, blogs, links, reviews and testimonials, eGuides . . . and consumers are also much more savvy. Research has found that 70% of them think most personalisation efforts are superficial. So how can you convince them otherwise?

Well, the same research revealed that, despite the social media storm that’s overtaken many marketing teams, email is still the most influential channel both pre- and post-purchase. Personalisation that refers to previous purchases or preferences, and creates a truly customised offer, really does make people feel valued.

The impact of truly customised offers

It’s about creating an online shopping experience that mirrors the offline one you get in a shop. In-store sales teams can offer up products based on what a customer’s appearance tells them, but also because they can have a conversation with them to find out what they are looking for. Doing this online means you have to have the right technology to get you the data you need, and the skills to interpret it.

Getting it right can deliver huge benefits:

For great examples of personalisation check out this article from The Marketer: ‘The personal touch: why personalised marketing matters’.

Why some marketers get it wrong

Many businesses try personalised marketing and it doesn’t quite work, and doesn’t get them the results they want or expected. Why is that? It’s because they don’t have the right tools and skills to make the most of the data that helps them to get it right. To make personalisation work you need a combination of marketing automation, web analytics and CRM; and you need them all linked together, giving you the full customer story. How that story is revealed is through data, so marketers today need to have new analysis skills to support the creative ones they’ve always relied on.

Making the most of data

If you’ve got the right tools gathering the data for you, then you need to make the most of it to deliver truly personalised marketing. Software is key to success in creating truly customised offers. The case studies in these articles show how companies are making the most of their tools and data to do just that:

With all this data now available it’s also easier to perform ‘predictive analysis’, which instead of selecting the best customer for every campaign, selects the best marketing campaign for each customer.

Predictive analytics is the next big thing in marketing, and in case there was any doubt, the fact that global retail giant Walmart just bought its very own predictive analytics company should show just how important it’s set to become. The soon-to-be sixth P of marketing . . . ?

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